Wednesday, November 25, 2009

2 down, 6 more to go~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Friday, October 9, 2009


Next month.. 18/11/09 - 9/12/09.. Judgement Month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


What is friend? Can some one answer me?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Nick Jonas


Wish you have a great day, and keep it on with your career.. You're always my fav Jonas..
God Bless!! And also the diabetes. Nvm, you'll be cured with the healing hand from Him. ^^

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My hair is numbered as well.. LOL...

Just got back from morning worship.. Haha.. Our speaker - Colin Wong lost his sermon notes yesterday. Yet he can still deliver the sermon without any problems wei.. How pro is he? Haha.. One thing he brought up today was we shouldn't rely on sermon notes or what but to rely on the Bible.. Bible is one of the ways that God use to tell us something. You see the point?

One more thing that our speaker mentioned is this verse Matt 10:30.. " And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered" I find the verse quite funny you see.. Hair wei.. Its hair.. How can you numbered you hair on your body? Its like counting and marking on each of your hair.. And God numbered EVERY hairs of your head wei.. You know what numbered means right? Can you imagine that? How caring is He? Even you yourself cannot count and mark your hair lar.. God knows which hair you dropped on which occasion.. Can you imagine that millions of people got zillion amount of hairs but God can even numbered them? I cannot fathom actually.. This is so crazy.. God really cares for us till he can numbered our hair.. WOW!

There's a song by Chris Tomlin "Indescribable"
The chorus goes like this

Indescribable, uncontainable,
You placed the stars in the sky and you know them BY NAME,
You are amazing God,
All powerful, untameable,
Awestruck we fall to our knees as we humbly proclaim,
You are amazing God

See? I'll let you all think bout it.. And you will find it how awesome is our God..

Sunday, September 6, 2009

John 14:6

This verse keeps pounding in my mind-

'Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.' John 14:6

Yes, it really struck me.. I just love this verse so much.. Maybe it's because I like the song 'One Way'. But this verse, has an inner meaning inside...

From my thought, Jesus was rich, and yet because of human's sin, He became poor.. But through His sacrifices, we become rich.. Not rich in earthly thing, but rich in the Heaven.. We're rich because of God's love..

Like one of the elder in my church said Jesus is the way, and if we invited Him to our life, so we will know the way. Way to everlasting place- Heaven.. Quote the verse up there - No one comes to the Father except through Jesus.. We wont be able to find a way to Father above if we didnt have Jesus in our heart.. And then we'll end up wandering around on the earth and lastly Hell.. (Excuse me)..

So people, be wise.. Choose the road which God made for you.. Dont go the wrong road which lead you to Hell (Excuse me Again...)

p/s Looking forward to our next RBS reunion so badly.. I miss you guys alot wei.. Take care and see you soon!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Oh yea..... Finally.

Well, went to a book fair in KLCC this morning... Been hanging around in side the hall like a stray kitty.. Not that huge lar, but then your sight can be drowned by books.. and books.. and BOOKS.. It is said, below 18, the entrance fee is free... LOL, i wanted to pay for the entrance fee one, but then the receptionist reminded me again, " Er, below 18 is free one".. LOL!!! Do i look young? zZz.. Crazy fellow, nvm, since you said that then i just go in lar..

Walk around, finding for 'Food'.. Food as in a Magazine called 'The Rolling Stone'.. Thats the reason i go to kl actually.. But too bad, i cant see any track of the mag.. Bah, then i continue to walk around and i spotted at the angle where there's a category written Teen Idol.. Without any hesitation, I straight go ahead and hunt for my food.... Well, i found this barang pengganti afterall.
Tada!!!! Burning Up On Tour With The Jonas Brothers..

This book contains the experiences of the JONAS BROTHERS during their Burning Up tour... Wow, this book is big wei... 100 over pages... Hehe. So happy that i found this.. =).. Lets see what's inside.....

Its the Kevin Jonas.

The Joe Jonas.

And Of Course!! The President- Nick Jonas ( My fave)

And not to forget.. The Bonus Jonas- Frankie Jonas AKA Frank the Tank..

The lyrics, random photos, random act, their dreams, their experiences along the time they started touring are all inside the big book.. So happy when i saw this book.. Though it is just a barang pengganti, but i still gonna take care of it so much(like i will).. Lets hope this book did not ended up with spider web and dust on it ba... ^^...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Friends? Nah

Okay, I have to admit.. I'm having a depression now. Too many stresses from the outside. Not fully from my studies, yet, the biggest problem is my relationship with God-knows-who-he-is... 'How on the earth is a happy-go-lucky person having a depression?' Well, i dont really know how to answer.. But seriously, i have depression..Mood swings, Lost interest to everything, too humble. I got all the sympthoms...

I know myself, i've been mood swings these few days.. I'm blaming to myself, why i have to be so observed to everyone that i care? When they have something hiding from me.. And out of nothing, i'll just found out.. Please, if you guys have a secret that cannot be reveal, could you please don't make it so obvious for me to determine? You know by the time i figure it out myself, I'm not angry, but my heart dies.. I dont really like to determine someone's act. But when you make it so obvious, its hard for me not to find out what the hell in the world you're doing...

People, i need cure.. I really need some cure so that my heart can recover.. Well, its hard for me to trust him anymore.. I've been telling all my secrets to him, and what did i get for the return? Sometimes i hate secrets.. Making the world around suffer from it. I dont know why am i typing this, maybe the one who's suffering from depression would type something like this.. Somehow this secret, is hidden from me since last year, or maybe last two years... If you dont trust me or dont want to share your secret, i think i'm not your best friend anymore(or never).. And i thought best friend are suppose to share secret or what..

Guys, if you wanna comfort me or what? Please do.. But i'm telling you 1st, i might not be accepting your comments. I dont know what should i do now.. I'm now walking on the path to noway. Exams, Friendship, Love are driving me CRAZY... I've lost my faith in everything.. But not God, cause i know He will always be there for me... But i really need something solid, maybe a shoulder..Hope one day I'll understand this quote "If God put you to it, He will put u through it"..

Thanks for your concern anyway.. Lets hope I'll will get through these hard moments....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Read this please...

Read this please... Really, i beg you.. Read this...

YOU ARE A JERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Inspiring Story - To Meet Such A Man

I sat, with two friends, in the picture window of a quaint restaurant just off the corner of the town-square. The food and the company were both especially good that day.

As we talked, my attention was drawn outside, across the street. There, walking into town, was a man who appeared to be carrying all his worldly goods on his back. He was carrying, a well-worn sign that read, 'I will work for food.' My heart sank.

I brought him to the attention of my friends and notic ed that others around us had stopped eating to focus on him. Heads moved in a mixture of sadness and disbelief.

We continued with our meal, but his image lingered in my mind. We finished our meal and went our separate ways. I had errands to do and quickly set out to accomplish them. I glanced toward the town square, looking somewhat halfheartedly for the strange visitor. I was fearful, knowing that seeing him again would call some response. I drove through town and saw nothing of him. I made some purchases at a store and got back in my car.

Deep within me, the Spirit of God kept speaking to me: 'Don't go back to the office until you've at least driven once more around the square.'

Then with some hesitancy, I headed back into town. As I turned the square's third corner, I saw him. He was standing on the steps of the store front church, going through his sack.

I stopped and looked; feeling both compelled to speak to him, yet wanting to drive on. The empty parking space on the corner seemed to be a sign from God: an invitation to park. I pulled in, got out and approached the town's newest visitor.

'Looking for the pastor?' I asked.

'Not really,' he replied, 'just resting.'

'Have you eaten today?'

'Oh, I ate something early this morning.'

'Would you like to have lunch with me?'

'Do you have some work I could do for you?'

'No work,' I replied. 'I commute here to work from the city, but I would like to take you to lunch.'

'Sure,' he replied with a smile.

As he began to gather his things, I asked some surface questions. Where you headed?'

' St. Louis .'

'Where you from?'

'Oh, all over; mostly Florida '

'How long you been walking?'

'Fourteen years,' came the reply.

I knew I had met someone unusual. We sat across from each other in the same restaurant I had left earlier. His face was weathered slightly beyond his 38 years. His eyes were dark yet clear, and he spoke with an eloquence and articulation that was startling. He removed his jacket to reveal a bright red T-shirt that said, 'Jesus is The Never Ending Story.'

Then Daniel's story began to unfold. He had seen rough times early in life. He'd made some wrong choices and reaped the consequences. Fourteen years earlier, while backpacking across the country, he had stopped on the beach in Daytona. He tried to hire on with some men who were putting up a large tent and some equipment. A concert, he thought.

He was hired, but the tent would not house a concert but revival services, and in those services he saw life more clearly. He gave his life over to God

'Nothing's been the same since,' he said, 'I felt the Lord telling me to keep walking, and so I did, some 14 years now.'

'Ever think of stopping?' I asked.

'Oh, once in a while, when it seems to get the best of me But God has given me this calling. I give out Bibles. That's what's in my sack. I work to buy food and Bibles, and I give them out when His Spirit leads.'

I sat amazed. My homeless friend was not homeless. He was on a mission and lived this way by choice. The question burned inside for a moment and then I asked: 'What's it like?'


'To walk into a town carrying all your things on your back and to show your sign?'

'Oh, it was humiliating at first. People would stare and make comments. Once someone tossed a piece of half-eaten bread and made a gesture that certainly didn't make me feel welcome. But then it became humbling to realize that God was using me to touch lives and change people's concepts of other folks like me.'

My concept was changing, too. We finished our dessert and gathered his things. Just outside the door, he paused. He turned to me and said, 'Come Ye blessed of my Father and inherit the kingdom I've prepared for you. For when I was hungry you gave me food, when I was thirsty you gave me drink, a stranger and you took me in.'

I felt as if we were on holy ground. 'Could you use another Bible?' I asked.

He said he preferred a certain translation. It traveled well and was not too heavy. It was also his personal favorite. 'I've read through it 14 times,' he said.

'I'm not sure we've got one of those, but let's stop by our church and see' I was able to find my new friend a Bible that would do well, and he seemed very grateful.

'Where are you headed from here?' I asked.

'Well, I found this little map on the back of this amusement park coupon.'

'Are you hoping to hire on there for awhile?'

'No, I just figure I should go there... I figure someone under that star right there needs a Bible, so that's where I'm going next.'

He smiled, and the warmth of his spirit radiated the sincerity of his mission. I drove him back to the town-square where we'd met two hours earlier, and as we drove, it started raining. We parked and unloaded his things.

'Would you sign my autograph book?' he asked. 'I like to keep messages from folks I meet.'

I wrote in his little book that his commitment to his calling had touched my life. I encouraged him to stay strong. And I left him with a verse of scripture from Jeremiah, 'I know the plans I have for you , declared the Lord, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you; Plans to give you a future and a hope.'

'Thanks, man,' he said. 'I know we just met and we're really just strangers, but I love you.'

'I know,' I said, 'I love you, too.' 'The Lord is good!'

'Yes, He is. How long has it been since someone hugged you?' I asked.

'A long time,' he replied

And so on the busy street corner in the drizzling rain, my new friend and I embraced, and I felt deep inside that I had been changed. He put his things on his back, smiled his winning smile and said, 'See you in the New Jerusalem.'

'I'll be there!' was my reply.

He began his journey again. He headed away with his sign dangling from his bedroll and pack of Bibles. He stopped, turned and said, 'When you see something that makes you think of me, will you pray for me?'

'You bet,' I shou ted back, 'God bless.'

'God bless.' And that was the last I saw of him.

Late that evening as I left my office, the wind blew strong. The cold front had settled hard upon the town. I bundled up and hurried to my car. As I sat back and reached for the emergency brake, I saw them... a pair of well-worn brown work gloves neatly laid over the length of the handle. I picked them up and thought of my friend and wondered if his hands would stay warm that night without them.

Then I remembered his words: 'If you see something that makes you think of me, will you pray for me?'

Today his gloves lie on my desk in my office. They help me to see the world and its people in a new way, and they help me remember those two hours with my unique friend and to pray for his ministry. 'See you in the New Jerusalem,' he said. Yes, Daniel, I know I will...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Don't click.. You're not going to read my blog..

Feeling weird recently... Real weird.. Had a feeling that I'm not really welcomed by certain people in my area.. Seriously, with his/her attitude, I'm not really like him/her anyway... Just a random thought. I don't care even you're not welcoming me at all, cause I don't really like you as well..

Who do you think you are? Happy then you good to me, not happy then you show your WONDERFUL face to me? I'm not a doll.. Hello, my six sense very accurate one.. If you don't like me, no need to pretend to be good to me... I wont appreciate your 'good will' to me.. Maybe our attitude not the same, so we cant communicate well.. No matter how hard we tried(or maybe me only)..

No mind, 3 more months then i wont be see-ing you anymore.. So we don't have to work so hard on it.. I won't be good to you as well.. Don't think I everyday smile smile smile then I scare of you.. NOT, I'm just trying to avoid conflicts as much as i can.. If this thing going on, it wont be benefit for me.. So, I'll just find a way, avoid talking to you.. Ciaoz.. And one more thing, You should have look into the mirror when you show around your WONDERFUL face.. How ugly is it.

Dear readers, dont bother to ask me who is this person.. I'm not going to tell, or maybe i will, but to certain people only..

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Went to this event, its a play played by a group of talented people which is footstool players..

Play about not only boy girl relationship love, but Home love, parental love, friend's love, God's love and many more... I wonder, is God using them to spread the news to all around the world? I consider Yes. You can see how God's works work through the play. They were all talented in acting, and seriously, they had bring the story alive! They could even cry on the spot. Not only that, the part that struck me the most is the scenes where the mother and the daughter, the husband and the wife were quarreling! You were like watching a TV show while you're watching them live! You can even feel their anger, and i truly saw the faces getting red, and the nerves appeared.. I can see the hard works that they've put into this play, how they sacrifice their own time to serve God through this drama.. Deeply from the bottom of my heart, I respect them.. And i might be joining them once i got to study in KL..

The story line was about LOVE. And there's many parts of the story, Parental love, Boyfriend girlfriend love, Home love, Wife and husband, Mom and daughter and most importantly God's love..Thank God for I'm able to write this blog. I will do whatever i can do to let Your glory shines upon peoples.. I really understands somehow LOVE can do a lot things miraclly.. Getting ashamed of my act.. I mean God has been trying the best to love me, and yet, I counted everything that how did i love God today, and counted every problems that i get into.. And i even blame on God for letting me into troubles.

There is this part of story ' The Ledger People'.. The story line is the wife and the husband have been marking down how did they show the love to each other.. They didn't show their love to each other because they love each others, but to get points.. They even compare who's mark is higher to show who loves who more.. Its like our real life, we've been remembering what did i do good to him, but we never remember what did i do bad to him. Marking down the mark so that we can show them that we love them more than they do. How ridiculous is this? Stop counting marks and throw away your ledgers! If God wants to put His love mark on the ledger, our mark would never ever get closer to His, not even the shadow!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Boom! Things Happen.. Boom! Heart Broken. And Boom! Happy Ending..

Been stuck in a hard-breath condition this week..

Hard-breath till............................................ Beh tahan.. I even tell myself, Whatever it is, my thinking is so wrong.. Don't ever trust my six sense, for i've been guess the wrong thing before..

But the truth tells me, I had never predict wrong before.. MY six sense is so Damn accurate lor.. Not to say what happen at the 1st thing, but the 2nd thing also... Memang tak berani to say anything before the THING happens. Who knows when i say anything wrong, Someone will scold me again ar.. Hor someone...

Got a random feeling now.. Should I happy or sad? Happy for good things happen in my area... Sad for being ALONE(maybe) in my area lor. Scare 'diabaikan'.. Haiz. Kp white palace, you're my only place to go now... Hehe.~ JKJK, know you all wont abai me lar.. I'm not (UK+H-B) okay.. My face very thick one.. hehe.. Told you i'm gonna update blog and i sure update one..

No worry lar.. Nothing comes out from my mouth one.. Maybe from my hand lar.. MAYBe... Ngek ngek ngek~

Gambang Waterpark - 25/7/09

Went to Gambang Waterpark last Sunday right after my morning tuition... So after some preparation made, off we go to the waterpark... By my friends car lar.. Honda City wei.. No joke~

Reach there around 2+ in the afternoon, and WOW!!! Its a huge building there, more like a disney house lar.. Have you ever see disney house before? The roof is like very sharp one and pointing up to the sky.. Yar, that kind lar. Haiz, regretted never take picture of it.. Too bad.. And then we went in and find parking lah. The water park is just behind the building, when I saw the park, I was like''Huh?! So small one ar? Its smaller than i expected wo.. No mind lar.. Sudah datang pun, main saja lar.." So we found the parking slot, park there and head to the counter to buy our ticket lar of course... Its Rm19.90 per person..

Booked 2 lockers, booked 4 pelampung and straight we headed to the park and play lar... Not much to say lar, like normal waterpark, there's a water 'road' circling the water park. What the different about the road is, there's a cave along the road.. The name is Ice Age wo.... 1st round, 2nd round then we get bored dy, so we went to find something exciting.. Like Coco beach.. LOL, don't expect any coconut trees there, they don't have any.. (not funny)

The beach is just like what a beach is supposed to be in Sunway lar.. But then the waves there are stronger lor.. I like the waves.. Finish waving in the beach, then we again, went to hunt some MORE exciting games. And we found 4, way behind the park.. Its like a hidden place, not to let any kids find out.. GOod TrY... I think these 4 games are the most exciting one in the park lar. Actually there's 5 but then 1 is under contruction.. So too bad... Its all about sliding, sliding and sliding..... 3 holes, dark one, bright one and the other is open air one... Sliding with pelampung...

Not really fun of those 3 games lar.. The last one is what the workers called "Family".. Its a game, where the big pelampung can fit 5 of us inside.. Sliding from the top to the bottom.. Never that fun before..Really, during the ride, we're like screaming, pushing, jumping(not really). Trying to turn the pelampung up side down, but we didnt managed to.. Coz of little frighten inside our heart.. Or some physics law(crap lar.).. We played the game like 10 times, one of the reason is, the MOST exciting game was under contruction.. Another reason - never play before.. LOL.. The game which is under contruction one - Six man Slide(i think).. 6 persons slide at the same time, racing to the end.. The path is long.. When i say long, its LONG...

Been really crazy for 4 hours, then we pack our things and go back to Mentakab for some unreasonable reasons lar.. Took some pictures before we left..

There are some pictures cannot be posted of due to P&C..

Then went to eat dinner at Pizza Hut in Mentakab.. Speaking bout Pizza Hut in Mentakab branch, one word.. WTF!!!! Wow, i cant believe their attitude were so sucks... Seriously, why am I paying the service charge for? When i asked for cheese powder they say no more, asked for menu i waited like hell, asked for soup they served like SNAIL? Damn geram lor, when I see their serving attitude.. Its this the way u treated your customers? If is, you wait "zap lap" lar!! "Malaysia Boleh", type this slogan also i feel damn shy..

That night, i ended up on my bed, crying for pain.. Hand, leg, breast pain.. Haiz... Good Experience Though~ Hehe..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Noal Flood With Fossil

This is the article that i found through Google... Good article..

Are Fossils the Result of Noah's Flood?

Fossils have been frequently cited as the main evidence for evolution. The evolution/uniformitarian worldview postulates that the slow and gradual processes we see operating today are responsible not only for the death and extinction of plant and animal types but their burial in sediments which will eventually harden into sedimentary rocks. Uniformity’s slogan, “the present is the key to the past,” reflects their view of the origin of the features in the rock and fossil record. I think the great Flood of Noah’s day is a better explanation.

First note that very few fossils are forming today and then only in the case of rapid burial by water. For instance what happens to a fish when it dies? It either floats to the surface or sinks to the bottom where it decays and is eaten by scavengers. Yet many fish fossils are so exquisitely preserved that even the scales and organs are preserved. Obviously there was no time for decay and bacterial action. We can certainly say that something extraordinary happened to form the fossils.

Furthermore, most fossils occur in huge fossil graveyards where things from different habitats are mixed together in a watery grave. The predominant type of fossil is that of marine invertebrates but these are found on the continents within catastrophically deposited rock units.

Of the several different kinds of fossils, each one requires rapid burial and circumstances which are seldom, if ever, at work today. Processes of fossilization include:

Mineralization: This happens by partial or entire replacement of an organism by minerals, usually one molecule at a time as the organism decays. Time is involved but not time before burial. Petrification occurs when the replacing mineral is silica.

Carbonization: Living things consist of high carbon content, and under extraordinary circumstances only the carbon remains. This includes the thick coal bands as well as thin carbon residues left in the host rock. Rapid isolation and heating is required.

Impressions: These common fossils occur when the entire organism is replaced by the same material as the host rock leaving only the form of an organism. The detail preserved indicates no time for decay.

Ephemeral markings: These common markings include worm burrows, animal tracks, coprolites, and rain-drop impressions. All are extremely fragile and need rapid lithification to be preserved.

Hard parts: Bones and shells are found but these are usually broken. For instance, limbs ripped from dinosaurs, found in fossil graveyards, are the rule.

Soft parts: Obviously these will only last for a very short time without rapid burial. These include flesh, feathers, skin, scales, plant tissue, color, and even smell.

Frozen parts: These imply extremely low temperatures which trapped and froze the organisms quickly. Certainly this is not happening now on any scale.

These fossil types (and other subcategories could be mentioned) require extraordinary circumstances of a rapid and catastrophic nature. The great Flood of Noah’s day which destroyed a world full of life is the best explanation.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fossil With Bible

Didnt blog for so long dy.. Sorry to the readers (If i have).... Been into a lazy mode these few days, random mood actually.. Barely write anything on my blog...

Well, I attended some talks by Professor Yap (if i'm not mistaken) at my church these few days.. The professor came all the way from singapore wei... Dude, he drove.. And at his age, i think not many people will drive all the way from SINGAPORE to MENTAKAB.. Even if its' me... He's about 50-60 from his outlook i think.. I really don't know more about him.. Didnt really get to talk to him, except passed him the milo.. LOL!

Hmm, it is such a PRIVILEGE to listen to him.. Wow, i was like 'never' been so concentrating before. The topics is sososososo attracting.. On friday night, he talked about Fossil and geology.. Wasn't really like this topic at 1st, but then this topic did really caught my attention. As you know right, fossil is formed in maybe 124152346356436543 years... It is so not true! A fossil can be formed in maybe a day or even within the time that human digestion started... Professor did showed us the picture of a fish fossil while the fish was swallowing another fish, where the fossil is formed. A fossil can be formed when somethings is covered by soil and without any oxygen inside. How did the fish fossil formed when that fish is swallowing another fish in the ocean?? Thats the question.

Have you heard about Noah in the Bible? Where God asked him to build a boat to fetch all different kinds of animal inside the boat... After that, God made a HUGE flood.. Of course everyone in the boat was saved lar.. But then those that's not in the boat... Hehe... When the flood comes, the mountains started to collapse and i think this is the part where the fish fossil formed.. While the fish was swallowing another fish, the mud covered it within seconds..... And Ta-da, a fossil is formed! You see how powerful God is?

I didnt really elaborate on the topic.. will really dig deeper thru google.. Gonna blog 2nd topic soon.. wait for it~

Monday, July 6, 2009

This post is purposely written for someone named - YeO sOoN Kit~

Dude... Happy birthday wei.. Ello, its your birthday lar.. Still mapling? Jgn lar macam tu.. Go out lar.. Don't stay in the home and whole mapling... =.=''.. Red box, movie marathon, Blablabla.. Juz go lar...

Well, been knowing you since form 1 rite? Wow, 6 years man.. Time flies. Well, I wish you good luck in everything lah.. Get to know girls.. Maple cant really find a PRETTY, HOT, YOUNG GF one... Haha.. Good luck in your career... Good luck in your love, Good luck in your economics... Haha.. So sorry that i couldn't meet up with you.. You know, I HAVE TO STUDY... STPM... So, pai seh lar.. Next year I celebrate with you lar.. Next year.. Haha.

So, I wish you have a great day today lar.. And stop mapling, for one day.. Just one day...

And once again.......


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dedicated this super post to someone

Why do everyone, i mean EVERY body in this world like to give out their promises but somehow they cant even fulfill it? Those who's receiving certain people's promises, do you think it's fun for them? Ha?! You're really a sucker you know? You sucks to the max.. Next time u better dun simply give ur promise when u cant make it to me.. For me, if anyone ever broke their promise that they had made with me, I'll surely scold you like mad.. See the word MAD.... I wont give any shit of making you feel better.. I will use my best sarcastism cell in my body, and guess what SHOOT YOU LIKE MAD.. You know when windrunner uses her ultimate that time, she shoot people like mad... I will do that even much more Mad-der and mad-der and Mad-derrrrrrrrr!!!! Grr!! Y cant i just calm myself down? Sorry i cant! I just cant.. You sucker SUCKER Sucker Sucker Sucker sucker sucker!!!!!!!!! I'll try not to use any vulgar words inside my blog here.. But i just cant control myself.. You noe what? You're a BASTARD plus FUCKER plus ASSHOLEplus JERK NERD Whatsoever it is.. Yes YOU ARE!!! I'm now on fire, guess will only calm down till tomorrow.. Just want Tell you that.. I am so DAmn Angry with you right now! You Sucker... Take that
..!.. =.= ..!..

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Long tag from Jason Ng

1. My Name : Jye

2. My Birthday : 14th May

3. Who tagged you : Jason Ng

4. Name 5 best friends : Bestest friend is Jason Chiew. Others don't want put. 5 slots can't fit all in cause too many...

5. What do you wished for birthday : Billionaire and have a chance to meet up with JONAS BROTHERS!

6. Happy things that happened recently : Been to trips during holiday

7. Most stressed about recently : Stpm

8. What is your dream about future : Hmm. Billionaire

9. Do you have someone you like : Duh....

10. Will you visit your ex-teacher in a classmate gathering : Of course

11. Most happy to hang out with : My friends lar.. Duh...

12. If two of your friends are having conflicts : Join in the conflict.. =)

13. Where is preferably the place to go with your lover : Somewhere we can be alone? Ngek ngek ngek
... JB concert lor...

14. What to do in Christmas : Caroling and giving presents and most importantly praising God

15. Who do you want to celebrate Christmas with : Anyone

16. Bad habit on waking up early in the morning : Give me 5 more minutes...

17. How many siblings do you have : 3

18. Favourite song(Female) : Love Story- Taylor Swift

19. Favourite song(Male) : Before The Storm- Nick Jonas (Currently)

20. Favourite Colour : Blue, Green

21. Flush before using the toilets? : Nope

22. Love me not? : Sure, love you damn much

23. Affectionate to guys or girls : Both.. LOL

24. What do you want to shout out loudly : I WANT TO BE A BILLIONAIRE!

25. Do you dare to go toilets alone in the middle of the night? : Y not?

26. Will you take off your undies in while in the WC : Duh.. How to do big business if u're still wearing ur undies?

27. Who’s the bastard : Those who called me bastard

28. What’s the current affection : Jonas Brothers for sure

29. Ugly when asleep:Scary

30. Whats the time now :5.05 pm

31. Do you hate the person who tagged you : Love him

32. Weight : 57.5

33. Weather today : Normal

34. Are you pregnant : My baby is just beside me

35. What will you do if you win a lottery : Depends on the money won la...

36. An activity that must be done while in the Uni-life : PROM!!! Wakakaa

People Tagged? Here comes again!

1. Jon Chiew

2. Chee Wan

3. Lam

4. Jethro

5. Mabel

6. Joanne Jun Lee Sun Sun (birthday coming soon~)

7. Jia Shin

8. Irene

9. Rabbit

10. Dino Koong

01-?Does no.4 know no.6??: Yup...

02-?No.10 is a male or??: LEng Lui

03-? The hobby of no.8?: Sleep Lor, or dancing in her teletubbies land

04-?Does no. 1 have any siblings?:Yar

05-?The surname of of no.7?: Chan

06-?Does no.10 have alot of friends??: Leng lui sure got many friends...

07-?Anyone tackling no.4??: Jethro, did anyone tackle u?

08-?If no.2 is being introduced??: So let it be...

09-?The favourite colour of no.6?:Dont know.. she nvr tell me

12-?Where is no.5 studying currently??: Tarc.

13-?How do you know no.10??: Secondary school.

14-?Whats the difference between the birth month of no.1 and you? : 1 month and 16 days

15-?Ever hang out with no.9??: Nope

16-?Do you like to chat with no.2??: Yar

17-?Like to be with no.3??: Yar.. Cool Guy

18-?How do you think about no.7??:Fei po? Lol.. She's a funny girl lar.. Sometimes can be cute................

19-?How do you think about no.9??:What do u think about a rabbit?

20-?Do you love no.5??: Duh.. Funny girl though

1. Who tagged you with this questionnaire? :Jason Ng

2. How long have you known him/her : Since i study in SMKM last year.

3. Do you think that he/she is important to you? : Yup~

4. Your relationship with him/her : Hmmm... What's our relationship? Gonggong and mama?

5. Whats his/hers hobby? : Badminton ba....

6. What do you think about his/her personality? : Cool guy.. A good buddy

7.His/her points of importance in your heart :In the scale of 1-10, he's 9

*1st thing before sleep : Listen to JB songs

*1st thing after awaking from sleep :Is this an IQ? Open my eyes. Wakaka

*Your idol :JOnas Brothers Of course!

*Favourite season : Winter ba...

*Worked part-time before? : Helping in my shop consider work?

*Times worked :Daily...

*Country that wanted to go the most : America

*Personality hated : Temper...

*Are you a crybaby? : Last time Yes, now barely

*You laugh alot? : LOL.. What you think?

*Do you like to go out alone? : Huh. Prefer going out with frenz...

*What time will you wake up if it's a holiday?: 12pm latest

*Today’s weather(Sunny Rainy Cloudy): Cloudy

*Choose between Friends and Lover :Both

*Choose between Chances and Fates : Chances.

*Are you narcissist? : LOL.. Yar...

*Is this questionnaire long? : Duh.....

*How to make yourself feel better every time? :Saying something mean...

*Favourite food : I love alot of foods...

*Do you like ice? : Yup.

*Are you full of happiness? : Yup, cause He is in my life

*Who are the friends that you care the most? : Everyone.

*What's the most important item in your bed room? : My Bible

*Most consistent dream at sleep : Don't know. I don't remember dreams.

*Will you forgive a guy that is mentally disobedient? : See 1st.

*Whats the meaning of life? : Enjoy it.

*Do you know?(See if you can answer this!): No i dont know

*When do you hate me? : I love you too much.

*Like the day you were born or been into the society?: Been into society ba..

*Like Taoism or Confucianism? : Jyeism

*Favourite cake? : Cheese cake.

*Can we stop this game now? : You like lar..

*Do you like sardins? ^^ : Y do u care so much?

*Who knows you the best? : God

*IQ higher or EQ?: Not sure..

*Computer or Mobile Phone : Computer

*Prefer to sleep or play? : Play.

*Friendster or Facebook? : Facebook

*Whats your wish right now? : When can i meet up with my Jonas Brothers

*Tired? : Not really

*Favourite drinks : Iced Lemon Tea

No more Dy? Lol... Consider Short lor.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kerli's birthday preparation...

Hmm... Been quite busy recently coz of kerli's birthday present preparation.. Know what, we're sooooooooooo committed to this preparation... Keep asking for help, from my aunties, Jason's mom and Kp's aunt... These cakes really combine us 'The Max Family' to make it.. Very tiring.. But then very meaningful...

We actually did a demo last saturday.. Went to kp's aunt house, see how she baked the cake and we learned from there... Made this 1st cake, which we did put the wrong powder... But den nothing much effect lar, except the 'cake' ended up in the toilet. The camera man- Keong edited the videos which is taken on that day. We baked 2 cakes on that day and 2 hours plus is used up..

Then the day finally reached. On monday, after the lunch, we went around termeloh to find materials for the cakes. Tartar powder, some top ups, fruits, creamer bla bla bla.... So, we started our work at 5.15 in the evening... I wont talk much on the process of baking the cake as u can see in the dvd... Thought of baking the cakes wont take us much times, but then we ended up going back home in 9.30pm.... Do the maths, these 3 cakes actually eats 4 hours and 15 minutes.. LOL.. Ate our 'DINNER' in 10pm...

Got gam dong anot? We do so much for you... Of course u did lar.. I know u, u sure curi curi cry in your house one...FYI, this is our 1st time on doing the cake making... Wakakakak... President of Hari Jadi, I now give my biggest wish to you!

Wish you have a super dooper great day ever!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

ZzzZzZzz.. And again.. I said something mean to others again... This time lagi suay... To a stranger some more.. Y cant i just control my brain from being so sarcastic to others? =.=''

I'm not using my tongue to make fun of people, but i used my hand.. I typed... Can somebody stop me from being so 'KAY POH'? T.T.... And hello, to the passerby in Lam's blog.. Lai lai my blog settle here... =.=.. I was protecting my friend, its non of your business rite? Besides, I'm not being as L*nc* as you thought. Bah, dun care dy lar..

Want to be out of touch with reality now.. Ciaoz.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'm Just....

Sometimes I wonder..

Am i too proud to be myself?

Am i an arrogant person all the time?

I tried to respect everyone. But i just couldn't control my mouth from being sarcastic to people around my area... I like to complain, like to criticise people.. Even i was trying so hard not so say out things that will hurt people, I just couldn't do it.. Maybe this is my bad attitude...

And this bad habit really pulling my friends from me further and further away.. I can barely find a friend that can really mix in well with me.. Writting this blog in stray... Lost in some where else...

I guess I am a bad guy.. Seriously, I am not a good person.. I am a selfish, proud, cant stand sarcasm by others but love to sneer at people... These few days I just being so self-contempt.. When did i start to feel like this? I totally have no idea.. Guess maybe I've been so guilty about those i hurt before..

Friday, June 19, 2009

Penang Trip - Photos~

Read Ham's blog and Jas's blog ba.. I really lazy to write.. Coz posting photo eats time... That's all.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Suddenly, I feel that I am Super Useless... Useless human being? Why there's so many things bothering me? Why? Life is so complicated. Drowning in problems.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Turn Right- Jonas Brothers

I could pick up all your tears
Throw em in your backseat
Leave without a second glance
Somehow I'm to blame
For this never-ending racetrack you call life

Turn right (turn right)
Into my arms
Turn right (turn right)
You won't be alone
You might (you might)
Fall off this track sometimes
Hope to see you on the finish line

Driving all your friends
At a speed they cannot follow
Soon you will be on your own
Somehow I'm to blame
For this never-ending racetrack we call life

Turn right (turn right)
Into my arms
Turn right (turn right)
You won't be alone
You might (you might)
Fall off this track sometimes
Hope to see you on the finish line

I did all I could
And I gave
But you had to go your way
And that road was not for me

Turn right (turn right)
Into my arms
Turn right (turn right)
You won't be alone
You might (you might)
Fall off this track sometimes
Hope to see you on the finish line

SOrry i cant upload the video... But try to go and listen this song... Best song ever!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Penang Trip in Essay Mode..

I just came back from Penang and Perak.. And one thing for sure is.. My body is aching!!!!! Every part is aching... I dunno y is this happening, but i'm pretty sure that, i got sun burn... Gosh, i can c that the world is going to die soon.. Cant believe i got sun burn.. This shows that, the outer atmosphere of the earth ( i dunno what is the name dy) is becoming thinner and thinner.. So guys, save the EARTH!!!!!!!!!

This penang trip is full of happiness, experiences, tiredness, injuries.....

Happiness- Had fun alot during the trip.. Like playing 'mian hua tang' in the botanical garden? LOL.. like kids lar... Turning the banana boat upside down? Wakaka...

Experiences- Been to a war museum.. My image of museum is in a air-cond hall, statue behind the glasses... But the war museum is so much different, its a outdoor park, we have to follow the footsteps or marks to get through the whole museum..

Tiredness- Duh, which trip is not making people tired one? Waterpark, Seaside.... Good enuf to make us tired..

Injuries- As i said, I GOT SUNBURNED.....

More about the trip will be updating soon.. Right now, rest 1st....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Church Camp 2009

Came back from church camp which is located in Cameron Highland on Sunday.. But then i didnt got the time to talk about my wonderful camp these few days. Finally settle down and Ta-da....

Hmmm.. So we started our journey to the highland on last friday 7.30a.m... There's a huge jam in this new road to our destination... I heard it was an trailer accident that blocked the whole thru and fro way... So, our leader, Uncle Richard decided to take the old road.. Which is from Raub i think straight to Cameron.. Guess what, this old road somehow is under constructing... The road is very bumpy and dusty... Grr, I was sitting in the car and i was like.. 'Going to puke'... This bumpy road took us about 2 hours plus to reach Ringlet.. Which is one of the place located in Cameron.. The cars are full of dust... Hmm, not going to talk so much on it..

So, after we took our lunch, we continue our journey to the hill, and here we are... This place is HCC, Highland Christian Centre...

This is where we sleep for 3 days..

Along the camp, our church invited a speaker to give some talks about 'talks'.. Sorry, i didn't actually listen to what he said.. Yar, i know, i wasnt paying attention.. How am i going to pay attention when it's so good weather to sleep? *Excuse lar*

So in the 1st night, we went out to Tanah Rata to take our supper.. And then we met some of our old friends... We used to be joining Melaka Bible Camp...

On the 2nd day, we went out to Brinchang which is very near to Tanah Rata. Bought some vege, strawberries, tomatoes, jagung.... C? so many types of vege and fruits.. They are "FRESHY"

3rd day, after the break camp, Auntie yoke chin decided to stop by at the tea plantation along our way back.. We took our tea break here... Strawberry cheese cake, brownie ice cream cake, and Chocolate cream cake...

And then, here's the view of the plantation.. So beautiful... Refreshing....

Group Photo

Another stop by at the market along the road.. Saw Cactus-es...

Took some pictures...

And at last..

Enjoy the Strawberry ice stick... Bestest~~~

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fly With Me - Jonas Brothers

If time was still
The sun would never never find us
We could light up
The sky tonight
I would see the world through your eyes
Leave it all behind

If it's you and me forever
If it's you and me right now
That'd be alright
Be alright
We'll chase the stars to lose our shadow
Peter Pan and Wendy turned out fine
So won't you fly with me

Oh yeah
Gonna fly with me now

Now the past
Can come alive
And give it meaning
And a reason
To give all I can
To believe once again

If it's you and me forever
If it's you and me right now
That'd be alright
Be alright
We'll chase the stars to lose our shadow
Peter Pan and Wendy turned out fine
So won't you fly with me

Maybe you were just afraid
Knowing you were miles away
From the place where you needed to be
And that's right here with me

It's you and me forever
You and me right now
That'd be alright
We'll chase the stars to lose our shadow
Peter Pan and Wendy turned out fine
So won't you fly with me

If it's you and me forever
If it's you and me right now
I'd be alright
Be alright
We'll chase the stars to lose our shadow
Peter Pan and Wendy turned out fine
So won't you fly
Fly with me

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I'm Back

I'm back from Cameron Highland already.. What a long trip... Tomorrow only i elaborate on it ba... I'm too tired to blog it now..

Friday, June 5, 2009

Taking Of In 10 Minutes To Cameron HighLAND.. CIaoz......

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

KL journey..

Came back from kl yesterday... Gosh, i totally messed up my sleeping time... Start from the 1st day...

On saturday, one of my fren and i went to kl by 11am bus.. reach there around 2pm, coz there's a jam in highway... Reach there, den take taxi to wangsa maju... After reaching there, settle down, den off we go to dota... =.=.. We wuz like started playing the stupid DOTA from 3 to 9.... Then go for 'Dinner'... You can call it supper.. After eating, and again we were off to nearby cyber cafe 'TBUN' which is crowded with PROsss.... And we lost 2 matches straight.... We felt shame, and changed place.. Change to another cyber cafe 'V2' which is a noob area... We bully them like mad lor...

We played until 6am in the morning... And then went for our "supper" which is breakfast in normal day.. After a moment, den we went back to our frenz apartment to sleep... Thats juz day one...

Day 2, I woke up at 11am... after cleaning up myself, i wake one of my frens-Jason up to accompany me to Times Square and Sungai Wang to hunt Jonas Brothers album and Bleach comic... We walk and walk and walk for hours.. But still cant find the shadow of the comic shop.. Grrr.. Quite fed-up... Finally, we found it.. and bought my book... Okay, nxt thing is Jonas brothers album.. And again, we walk for hours to find the albums... Not in Sungai Wang, so we moved to Time Square... Ta-da... I found it... Bought 2 albums there.. 1st one is concert version one, and the other is the old album.. These two albums costed me RM69.80.... Haiz.. the photo will be uploaded soon....

After the hunting session, we're planning to watch "Night At The Museum II" But then, the tickets sold out.. So, too bad.. After that, we juz went back to Wangsa Maju... The rain started to fall while we're in the train... Damn, we caught in the rain... What to do, we juz keep running to the house... After reaching the house.. We're so wet.. =.=..

Settle down, too tired dy.. Wuz trying to take a short nap, but then the house is full of the noices of Dota, cant even sleep... Suffer till 10pm, den we go for our 'dinner' again... When the clock strike 12, we went snooker... Don't want to elaborate on it... We finish it at around 4am in the morning.. And continue the Dota journey to 6 am... I feel like i'm going to die soon, if stay there for long... So, i better make my move back to mentakab... And here am i, in mentakab writting this blog.. Finally, got back my sleeping time to normal dy...

Monday, June 1, 2009



1.Besides your lips, where is the favorite spot to get kissed?
Erm... Dont know, no one kissed me be4..

2.How did you feel when you woke up this morning?
Hmm, why did i wake up so early...

3.Who was the last person/people you took a photo with?
Forget dy...

4.Would you consider yourself spoiled?
Yar.. totally....

5.Will you ever donate blood?
Donated last year. In future , yar.

6.Have you ever had a best friend who was of the opposite sex?
Erm... Maybe....

7. Do you want someone to be dead?
Yar... Can frog consider someone?

8. What does your last text message say?
''confirm wat?" To keong

9.What are u thinking right now?
Should I finish the big apple donut anot...

10. Do you want someone to be with you now?

11.What was the time you went to bed last night?
6a.m.. Around that time lar

12.Where did you buy the tee you are wearing now?
I'm half naked...

13.Is someone on your mind right now?

14.Who was the last person who text you?
Keong lor...

TEN Lucky Person to do this quiz...
1.Jason Ng
3.Wai Yee
5.Chee Wan
8.Jia Shin

15. Who is no. 2 having a relationship with?
He is gay.. Yes he is

16. Is no. 3 a male or a female?

17. If no. 7 and and no. 1 get together, would it be a good?
What the... Yier...

18. What is no. 1 studying about?
Form 6-SMKM

19. When was the last time you chatted with them?
Them as in who?

20. Is no. 4 single?

21.Say something about no. 2.
He is gay. No other words can explain jor.. Yar. totally

22.What do you think about no. 2 and no. 6 being together?
This pair ar? Cant imagine it.. little bit of weirdo~

23.Describe no. 9.
Cool guy.. My guitar teacher...

24. What will you do if no. 6 and no. 7 fight?
If got fight 1st only see lar....

25. Do you like 8?
Wa... U wan me to go honest or liar?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Paranoid - Jonas Brothers

Check out the new song of Jonas Brothers "Paranoid"... A very nice song... Hope you all enjoy it....

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dare To Dream, Dare To Take Action

Something tells me that I'm so not normal...

Something tells me that I need to stop whatever that I'm doing now...

Something tells me that I'm so crazy about my new hobby....

Something tells me that 'Gosh, stop being so crazy about it'

Something tells me that I'm going to fail in order to fulfill my dream...

And I'm telling you, yes I'm being abnormal since I'm grown up...

Yes, I really need to stop whatever I'm doing now...

Yes, I'm totally sooooo crazy bout my new hobby...

Yes, I should stop it before it was too late...

And No! I would try my best in order to fulfill my dream, I maybe fail, and I'm scare to fail... And even now, I still don't know how would I take the 1st step to somehow make my dream comes true... And my dream seems to be impossible to me in everyone's eye...

Who Am I now? I don't even know myself anymore... Maybe one day someone would tell me... Who Am I... Someone will convince me, MAKE YOUR DREAM COMES TRUE...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lines, Vines And Trying Times...

Guess what?

Yes! Jonas Brothers New Album' Lines, Vines And Trying Times' is COMING OUT SOON!!

Save your money to buy their album! Cause they are too good... Their musics actually inspire me a lot.. I now got the passion to do whatever i want.. Of course good things lar... Bring it on!! But then still dunno whether I'm gonna success or not lar.. Praying Hard.. XD....

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Jonas Brothers - I'm Your Fans

Lol.. This group or band or brothers whatever u called them lar.. They are so talented, cool, extremely pro... And I respect them alot.. How did they play with the songs, their expression, voice is Totally awesome..

Nick Jonas = Your voice is a gift from God, I totally attracted by ur singing part...

Joe Jonas = Your facial expression is cool.. U're so playful, and that's good to you.. You know how to use ur talent to sing a song...

Kevin Jonas = You are so cool when you have your instrument in your hand.. A very good musician i can say...

LOL, i can't wait for the concert they are going to have in Malaysia... Hope there's a chance for me to go their concert.. They are totally awesome and fantastic.. I cant use any words more to describe them. Haha..

p/s: Kevin is 22, Joe is 20 and Nick is only 17!!!!! They are so young wei.... Jealous....

Friday, May 15, 2009

On my 19th birthday...

Finally I'm 19.. Wakaka... 2 more years to CASINO!! Juz joking lar... I'm soooooooooooo thankful to those who wished me thru MSG, MSN, BLOG, FACEBOOK, FRIENDSTER AND PHONE CALL.. Not only that, there's some schoolmates wished me happy birthday by shouting from block to block... Form 4 girls... Shi Jin, Tiffany, Wen Wen, Xue Lin and others.. I'm So touched that u all still remember my birthday... Well, got few surprises from my friends though...

1st present...

this is the present from my classmates, Max Family and White Palace members.... Damn love you all lar... Guess what's inside?

A huge box full with snacks.. Got Chocolates, twisties, potato chips Bla bla bla.. I think my friend really want me to grow fatter and fatter... ( Got motive one huh........)

Here comes the 2nd.

This is the present from my ex-classmates... Ah cu, Shien, Yan shan, Hong, Keong, kwuang shin... Love you all, and Wen pei, thanks for the 1 ringgit yar, I will appreciate it.. T.T... Gam dong.. It's a wallet btw...

And the 3rd present..

Lol... Secret recipe!!! It's chocolate cheese... Specially order from my eldest brother... Hehe.. Thanks thanks..

These are all the presents for my 19th birthday.. And lastly, I damn gam dong when i got a called from my brother-in-Christ (Wei shern) which now in Austrialia... I wuz like:" What the? U called from austrialia?!" Lol, feel so touched... All the way from aussie wei... This is the biggest surprise for me on my birthday... I cant describe my happiness in words... Really, words are not enough to tell you all how i appreciate your wishes..

For those who wished me, I sincerely thank you... Even its juz a little happy birthday, but for me, it means alot...

And lastly, Thank God also for this very day.. Thank You for blessing me everyday even when i'm down.. You've made my day so meaningful and full of surprises! Love You Lord...

Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to Khai Jye
Happy birthday to me.....

Friday, May 8, 2009

I cant tolerate with those who cant keep their promises.

I m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cannot tolerate with those who cant keep their promises.. So Take this with you..........

Dun you ever do this again.I'LL KICK YOUR ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!