Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A game on the initial of your name.

I respond to the tag which tagged by Jason Ng..


It's harder than it looks! Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real; nothing made up! If the person before you had the same initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you cant use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1. What is your name : Sean
2. A four letter word : Sage
3. A boy's name : Shaun
4. A girl's name : Samatha
5. An occupation : Sailor

6. A colour : Silver
7. Something you will wear : Shirt?
8. Question missing. Lolx
9. A food : SUSHI!!!!
10. Something found in the bathroom : Shampoo

11. A place : Seremban
12. A reason of being late : Sleep Late
13. Something you'd shout : Shut Up
14. A movie title : Street Fighter
15. Something you drink : Shandy...

16. A musical group : S.H.E
17. An animal : Squirrel
18. A street name : Saga
19. A type of car : Savvy>?
20. The title of a song : Starlight!! ( Nice Song)

Conclusion....the S alphabet RoX !

I tag Jon, Kerli, Duck, Wan and Seng....

Monday, March 16, 2009

Thank God..

1st of all, I really want to thank those who've attended the Amazing race last Saturday which is at Hwa Lian.... Well, I'm sure those who didn't make it to the Race will regret so much.. Cause it was very FUN!! Dun believe? Try and ask those who got attend... Trust me, after you heard their experiences, you will pray so hard to make the time reverse.....

Haha... Well, credits to God of course.... Thank God for the good weather on Saturday... Out of dunno what reason, these few days Mentakab keep raining heavily... But on tat day, the weather is Hot like hell... The big shinny sun trying it's very own best to make the ray grow hotter and hotter juz to let the racer suffer!! Haha.. Credits also to my teammates.. I'm so sorry i couldnt mention all the names in my team, coz i forgot some of their names dy... Well, we did played the race happily, with some teamwork more than i expected.. Any hard or happy time, we've gone through it.. So let us thank God for the work that He has done...

And i also wan to thank God because He had heard my prayer!! Yeah, I prayed that the work He done will touched the unbelievers heart.. So that they may believe in Jesus... And the result shows up, He is great!!! One of my friend actually open his heart and trying to invite and believe Jesus as his Saviour. And I believe that, God will work on it... I really longing for the time he truly believe in Jesus and accept Jesus in his life... The answer from God to me is yes!!! Haha.. Happy max...

Of course, this is not enough, i'll keep on praying for the others.. Cause all of them are my precious friend.. They are my treasures... And I appreciate them alot.. So, I'll also do my best to spread God's word to the others...

Yeah, i gave my testimony last Sunday which is yesterday.. And thank God, i actually got alot of feedback.. Those are good feedback... Yeah, thanks you guys for listening to my testimony... Thank God once again for teaching me how to give my testimony... During this event, i actually learn a lot from You again... You are reminding that i'm back slided again... So, i made my to-do list... The 1st thing that I'm gonna change is, Stop swearing.. I hope i can do that though... I really hope, never mind, I'll try my own best to repent.. Hehe.. Help me max!! So yeah, any feedback about the Amazing Race, you can leave your comments here.. No matter is good or bad.. Juz drop comment... Cause your comment helps us alot in preparation next time...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Testimony..

First of all, what is a church? A church is a place where christian gather to worship God. The church which i currently attend is Temerloh Gospel Chapel. Yeah, i think most of all here might know where it is. Those who dunno and wanted to know, you can ask the teachers here.

I was 1st become a christian and chose to believe Jesus in December of 2005. I was a Form 3 student and it was during the school holiday. You know lah, teenagers likes to attend camps during the holidays, so am I. My best friend which is a christian too brought me to a christian camp. I was like ' What? A christian camp? No way!' It must be very boring.. That was my 1st thought, but a last, i ended up at the camp cause he said it will be fun..

First day of the camp, the campers there are super friendly wei. Before that i heard christians are very friendly, and i didnt believe it. But the fact is juz right in front of me.. They took care of me.. ALOT.. Though the campers are very friendly, but the schedule is so not friendly to me.. There's a talk in the morning for like 2 hours and a speech at night for 2 hours too.. Lol. What's all in teenager's mind? Entertainment right? I couldnt believe that i actually survive for the week..

In the camp, the campers and teachers there taught me alot what is christianity all abot. The vry question that strucked me alot is ' Have you do anything wrong before?' This question keep on repeating in my mind.. Yes, I did alot of bad things, I lied, I stole, I swore... Then why am i here in the world living so happily? Its JESUS.

The story of Jesus. I'm sure that most of u heard before right? Tortured by man, died on the cross. Jesus is God's son, so what make him died on the cross? It's human's sin.. Sin is defined as the bad things that we did. Hese died on the cross to wash all of our sins away. You see, Jesus is God's son right? Why is he deserved to die for us, nailed on the cross, which He never do anything wrong? Because He loves us.. Me and you... So think deeply, why are we deserved to have God's son to die for us? What should we do to please him?

It doesn't mean that once you become a christian, you wont sin.. If you truly believe in Him, you will repent.. Like me, after i became a christian, I really sin less. I tried my very own best to control my desire on sinning.. And i manage to do it.. Until now, i cant say tat i'm sinless, I still sin, but less...

What is christmas is your mind? Giving present? Exchanging present? Eating rooster which it's taste is not as good as chicken? No! Christman is not all about these.. Christian celebrate christmas by singing songs to praise Him, worship Him and remember the birth of Jesus to wash away our sin.. Remember how He tortured, humiliated by his people... The main purpose of celebrating christmas is to give Him glory, show that we love Him too...

End of testi.. Hey guys i really need ur help on this.. Please comment of this testimony please.. Anything to cut, to add.. Juz tell me.. Gonna give this testi this coming Sunday.. PLEASE...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Testi Max!!!

Lolx.. Cant believe it! I'm gonna giv my testimony tis coming Sunday... Quite nervous actually, though i gave my testi be4, but still vry nervous.. I'm scared tat i will stammered at tat time...

Nvm.. I think i can do it...XD.. Yeah rite.. I can do it.. Huh.. I felt vry lazy these few days.. Coz of dunno wat reason.. Juz lazy to study or even update my blog.. Maybe my exam is over dy, so lazy lar.. Very sorry to all my blog followers (if i got lah...).

Yeah, for you information guys, the Amazing Race Termeloh is on 14th of March which is this Saturday at 2.30 p.m SHARP... Dun be late, or u will regret... Haha.. Joking ny lar.. Dun forget to bring clothes to change huh. So, come and hv fun.. i'm sure u all will have a super great time.. OOps, forgot something.. The venue : SMK Hwa Lian...

Cant think of any idea on blogging.. Maybe God will help me on it.. Take it easy.. Will dig my brain to find idea one.. Haha.. So yeah, Happy Blogging Guys!! Appreciate your FRIENDS... And your LOVE of course...