Saturday, August 9, 2008








Saturday, August 2, 2008


Well, i can finally think of something to write in my blogspot.. haha.. (Requested by JOn)

My form 6 life is juz a boring life wei.. Same routine - Wake up, School, Da ji (sometimes tennis), watch tv, read (though i seldom do it) and Sleep.. Everyday repeat de same routine.. Agrh..

One day, as i wuz repeating my routine of my day AGAIN, Suddenly pop out an interesting job for me to do.. TADA! I am de incoming President Of interact Club SMKM for this year!!.

President wei.. Not easy one le.. Muz hv a good english base, Can speak in Front of crowd, RESPONSIBILITY (which I dun hv).. But anyway, Thanks to JOn who convience me!! haha..

Yeah, I'll try to do my best, Maybe make interact Club of SMKM would be de best In Pahang.. Though its seem to be impossible.. HAHA... -.-.. OKay, thanks to GOd also for giving me a chance to train me to become more responsibility person.. Jia You Jia You!