Sunday, February 17, 2008

Residential Bible School 2008

YO! I'm Khai Jye. No Need to introduce myself ba.. YOu all dy know wat is my character ba.. Well, first of all, i have to tell you all, before RBS2008.. Wow, you cannot see a smart, handsome, active, mature... Well, thanks to Uncle Sai Kee, which is Jason Chiew's dad that encouraged me to go to RBS.. Wow.. Guess what? I'd change alot in RBS.. Anger, become more mature, more cooperative, and also..... More HANDSOME and SMART lar.. HAha.. If u wannna be like this, come join RBS lar.. YOu will learn more on God's word, and you will grow rapidly in spiritual.. Haha.. Is tat amazing?! Oh.. Those pictures below is me and my team.. Team Macclay!!!! Will add more on de photos tat hv others RBS students...

This is my team.
TEam MAcclay.. Tada!
Ey? Less 2 ppl le..
How come?!