Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Made This Choice For Our Own Good..


从我出世到现在,第一件不受任何人的意见,而做决定的事情。我是多么的希望我的决定是对的。。 我真的真得非常感谢你一路以来所陪过我得每一个开心与伤心的时刻。不过当一段感情用到了毕竟,我看,已经是终点了。


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mood swinging...

wow.. Not feel like blogging lar.. Lazy already.. Well, juz a little bit update of my life lar.. haha..

yeah, juz finish Ping pong mssd today.. And, thank God for helping me.. For You have blessed me alot within de competition.. Well, i wonder how did i do it? Coz i really so damn long nvr practise already.. Huh, i find it more and more interesting bout ping pong eh.. so happy.. But wat to do.. Its too late already.. I'm too old.. haha.. I didnt tell many ppl.. Coz scare i lost dy, no face.. haha..

And guess wat? I got 2nd place in men single, and got CHAMPION in men's double!! haha.. HOw did i manage to do tat? Yeah, its Your good work... Thanks.. Haha, so i'll be representing termeloh to take part in Mssp which is in RAUB tis year.. My another resolution for tis year... Go To MSSM!!!! Yeah, SABAH.. I'm coming.. So, keep ur finger cross and PRAY for me..

Dude, i really nid to study lar.. hv to.. I already skipped tuitions and classes alot.. I mean ALOT... haiz.. Help me again LORD? haha.. Stupid me... Giv me a push lar.. Please, anyone...

Picked up guitar tis few days.. Well, i hate to being noob lor.. When i hit de string, it wuz like making a terrible sound... T.T.... Sir Jon, i nid ur help again.. Haha..

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Goodbye 2008.. Hello 2009....

Wow.. Time really flies... So fast, tis is de 1st day of year 2009...

Well, goodbye 2008.. In tat year, i think i didnt do anything great.. Well, i still remember tat i wrote all my sins in a piece of paper, and burned it..Which is mean i'm going to try to stop doing those sins... But in de fact, i failed to accomplish my promises.. Gosh, i think i'm super useless lor.. This little small thing also nvr do it properly.. Haiz..

But nvm, 2009, I'm here dy.. So may my year 2009 would be a better year for me.. For those sins tat i'm still having, I would try to stop myself from doing sins.. Wish me goodluck.. Hehe, at least i still feel guilty when i'm sinning.. Well, it is a good start for me..

What should i do in 2009?
-Be prepare for God salvation
-Be prepare For STPM!
-Make up my mind for something which i struggle for so long
-Try to be a good person
-Be more independence
-Stop sinning!

Wish me goodluck guys... Remember me in ur prayer... And Happy new year!