Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Damn i got my worst nightmare ever yesterday.. -.-..

Guess wat.. I saw Jason wuz smoking in my dream.. lolx.. Kinda scary for me actually.. I dun wan my fren got into 'smokers world' anymore since there's a one.. Well, I hope tis nightmare will nvr come true huh. Or else, i really dunno how 2 face him...

Or maybe juz because of de pressure of my exam.. I got this nightmare.. And one thing.. I got a BIG pimple on my face.. Though there still alot on my face.. But this big thingy juz pop out like tat.. Make itself so 'Shinny'.. Lolx.. Wow, form 6 really that hard wei.. Dun play play.. -.-..

And ta-da.. My exam is finish!!!! Wagaga... COngrats... I mean to myself.. Lolx.. Syok sendiri.. Huh.. So, if there is any function o party that need ppl to fill in de blank, dun mind msg me.. I will be vry boring this coming holiday.. Haha.. Dun wanna grow fungus... Ya, badminton, tennis, ping pong, DOTA, swimming( perhaps?).. Juz call me lar..

Okay okay.. My last wishes to all those who are working hard for their Finals, Stpm, Spm, bla bla bla.. Good Luck!! May God bless you!!! Yes, you...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lord, Hear My Prayer.. Please Save Him!

Name: Venomancer

Age: 18

Occupation : Student of some Saloon

Here's a story of him.....

Since form 1 we knew each other.. And soon we become best friend... There is no changes but one day, he got a girlfriend.. So, i dun blame him on not being with us all de time... U noe, once got girlfriend dy, everything wuz nothing.. Story end.. XD..

But now he's having a big big problem after breaking up with his girlfriend.. He changed... Everything bout his life.. Last time he hate ppl smoking but now he himself is doing like tat.. Lord, u say we cannot damage ourself.. So, Lord, help him to overcome everything.. Help him to come out from tis 阴影 ba.. Not only smoking, He's addicted!! Everyday one pack.. Man, how can his lung tahan??? Not only tat.. He is hiding his emotion from us.. Lolx, we r his frenz, he can share with us one.. No scare..

Juz wanna tell him here.. Whenever he wanna share his problem, We are here for him!! Gang belakang RockS!!! Venom, we support u.. Change back to normal plz.. Forget bout all de bad memories.. Live a new life!!! Venom!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Exam!! Duh....

So yea, thanks for Jon suggestions bout de-stressing.. Haha..XD.. Will try to use it when i'm stress... Hehe..

Huh! Final coming soon.. And wat to do? I'm not even ready yet for any paper.. Urgh!!! Y form 6 so hard lar? Pa-2 papers... Econ- 2papers.. Acc-2papers.. Pp-2papers... Lolx.. Guess wat? This 8 papers nid 2 waste my 3weeks time to sit on them.. ZzZ... Cant de school shortten de days? -.-....
Lolx.. PLus in this 3 weeks, I will only sit for de papers for 7 days ny.. So y waste time on those useless thing?? Nvm, its good also lar.. We can study more!! Hehe..

Studying Form 6 is sucks man.. U c, form 6 life is... Urgh.. U noe it.. No activities, No proms(haiz.. cannot c leng lui dy lor...), Useless teacher, Useless classroom Bla bla bla.. And de lists go on.. XD.. WHr like college? Clubbing, water Polo-ing, proms... Wow.. How wonderful lar.. Though vry costly.. Haha..

Yea, back to de topic.. Erm, for those who will be taking Pmr, Spm, Stpm, and Final exam.. I wish u all good luck.. Lets us sama-sama work hard on it!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Damn You!!$%^%^&*()

Grrr! Please lar. Giv me a break!

I repeat, Next time when wanna out for yum cha, make sure u talk to me, and dun dumb me!! If not, dun call me out and ask me out! Not to a specific person, but to all of my frenz!

And i strongly remind here! I hate being dumbed.. Especially my best frenz dumb me!

You noe who am I talking bout here! So, u noe wat to do..

Tuesday, September 23, 2008







Saturday, August 9, 2008








Saturday, August 2, 2008


Well, i can finally think of something to write in my blogspot.. haha.. (Requested by JOn)

My form 6 life is juz a boring life wei.. Same routine - Wake up, School, Da ji (sometimes tennis), watch tv, read (though i seldom do it) and Sleep.. Everyday repeat de same routine.. Agrh..

One day, as i wuz repeating my routine of my day AGAIN, Suddenly pop out an interesting job for me to do.. TADA! I am de incoming President Of interact Club SMKM for this year!!.

President wei.. Not easy one le.. Muz hv a good english base, Can speak in Front of crowd, RESPONSIBILITY (which I dun hv).. But anyway, Thanks to JOn who convience me!! haha..

Yeah, I'll try to do my best, Maybe make interact Club of SMKM would be de best In Pahang.. Though its seem to be impossible.. HAHA... -.-.. OKay, thanks to GOd also for giving me a chance to train me to become more responsibility person.. Jia You Jia You!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


My heart now is juz as the song call 'Stolen':

You Have Stolen My Heart
You Have Stolen My Heart

I dun even care others opinion! I didnt ask for theirs. And i know the opinion they giv is juz objection! I know i'm whole-heartedly for you..

I cant stop thinking of you, Your face, smile, laughther, Upset.. Everything about you am i thinking, desiring.. Well, wat can i do? I cannot say that i love you.. I dun even dare! And i know surely you will reject..

And so, i can juz quietly stay near you, and support you from de deep from my heart.. And keep my love to you as a secret and only, only, only my God above know my secret...

I love you alot.. I miss you...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


终于,在我们冷战的第二天,我学会了... 我冥想了许多东西,我真的能够放得下这段感情吗?对你的爱能够就此而结束吗?

答案是,不能.. 对不起,我真的无能为力,更没有这份勇气去放下这么美好的一段感情.. 虽然现在的我是多么的生气,多么的无奈!但当我再次收到你的信息时,我的气却因你而消了。



Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wat? I've been Tagged??? -.-... Okay lar.. Den i now reply to JOn's TAg...

The RulesLink to your tagger and post these rules.List eight (8) random facts about yourself (i list more than 8). Tag eight people at the end of this post and list their names.Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

Random Fact 1
I'm A Christian!!! Which I doesnt look like in de way i am.. But de fact is, I'm a Christian.. So Dun be suprise.. ^^..

Random Fact 2
I Love My Frenz alot.. Cant live without frenz.. Thanks for Gang Belakang, Form 6 Ppl, Lou Shui GANg, Tennis Team, Ping Pong team, RBS Bro N SIS, And those whom I've Forgotten(PAi Seh ar..) Thanks for giving me such a good time, thanks for De Memories..

Random Fact 3
I Like SportS... I can play any sports u all ask me to.. Except Football(which i sucks in tis sports).. Tennis, ping pong, swimming, cycling, climbing... And the list goes on... So give me a call, when u wanna play with me..

Random Fact 4
Form 6? Well, I not really like it actually.. Coz wat? Its Hard!!! But at least not now.. I heard all the seniors complained it is vry hard. Well, I'll do my best also lor.. C how far can i be.. Haha...

Random Fact 5
I doesnt Know how 2 play any instrument.. ANy!!! Not even guitar man.. C how sucks am i? But But But, if i am rich enuf, 1st instrument tat i will learn is Drums... Coz i like de beat of drum.. Dum Dum DUm...

Random Fact 6
I like money alot.. Well, tis is de fact.. Which i now trying to change it.. A money lover is quite pity actually.. Everyday work for money... BUt $$ can really do alot of great thing.. Like jon wanna buy de redang island.. I'm Not too greedy lar.. As long as i can eat alot of nice food, tats enuf for me.. Well, nice = Expensive.. So, I nid Money...

Random Fact 7
I love to eat.. But y cant i become fatter? I so like to eat, but y i'm Still so skinny?? Y? I still havent found the answer.. Well, any good foods, dun forget to treat me ar!!!

Random Fact 8
I like to eat ice-cream.. Especially BAskin Robbin.. Well, even though haagen dazz is more expensive, but i still prefer Baskin Robbin.. Coz Baskin Robbin's chocolate is sweeter than Haagen Dazz. If de chocolate is too bitter, i wont like it..

So yea, this is my Fact..
Now i tag Rong Jie, Jethro, Ben Yue, Nigel, James, Joanne Lee Sun SUn, Adrian, And SHaun!!!'

Good Luck Guys.. God Bless!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Going Wher?!

Lolx.. Not doing well... Jason went to his college dy.. Wat else? I'm alone here.. Dun leave me alone lar... T.T. Wat lar?! Matrix also nvr get chosen, ITS UNFAIR!!! Y only 10% of non bumiputera guys get chosen? I'm sure some 'B' ppl result bad also get chosen... Politik?! Argh!!! But dun scare.. Haha.. Coz we got our treasure in heaven above!! HAHA.. When the time salvation is here, they Know... ^^.. So, Bros and Sis, Dun be lazy to spread God's word to others.. Let them know de good news!! Ya, we all rock.. Haha.. And be alert.. Dun get into de trap of DEVIL...-.-.. So, take care!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

X-X... DIed.. Hey hey.. I got 4A`s wei.. I dunno whether is good result anot.. But for me, is quite bad lar. Coz my result is worse than my expectation.. What to do.. Hey ya, I'm facing a big problem.. Is whether i wan to choose form 6 o College.. Somebody help me? Giv me some advice o some encouragement.. Coz tis is big choice wei.. This choice may lead me to the future time.. What shall i do except Praying To GoD? I think God will make a way for me ba.. Haha.. Anyway, congratx to those ppl tat had flying colours in their result.. I think most of you all satisfy ur result now rite? Giv u all some advice ba, no matter wat result u all receive, its God work.. God is working on it, so trust THe Lord YOur GOd.. He has a plan for u.. Haha.. Hey, good luck for everyone while choosing ur study course.. Ask and seek God.. ASk Him wat to choose.. Okay? TAKe care aY!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

SPM Result Day!!!!!!

Haha!! Election is OVER!!!!!!!!! PTL tat our termeloh won by BN.. Haha. Actually i dun wan to have a different.. If change, i think quite hard to accept ba.. haha. Wat to do.. WAh!!! Spm result day is coming soon.. 12th of march... How lar? I dun wan 2 take de result.. T.T.. Seriously, if my result is good, Tat mean i can take de scholarship and study in Kl!! haha.. But if my result cannot reach de Target, haiz.. Have to study in hometown wei.. Anyway, pray for me lar.. ^^.. For de STPM guys, all de best for u all too lar.. Okay? GOd will make de way.. haha.. Hey ya, i cannot use my msn in my house. COz i think i got some sort of virus.. Have to clean it, so i'll be quite long wont be on9-ing.. Hey ya, please update all of you bout your SPm result and STPM result kay? Remember me in your prayer!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Don't waste God's work!!!!!

lolx!!! My computer is not functioning!!! I cant on Msn.. Help!! When i double click de Msn icon, de Msn didnt come.. Haiz.. What is happening?! Some body had use my computer and simply do thing... I got two suspect here.. One is my youngest bro and one is my father.. Haiz.. dunno wat they did wei.. Now cannot on9.. Have to go cc... Okay, fine.. Will check de problem later.. Well, today i meditated on psalm 139: 1-4, 23-24.. The Lord know perceive our thought and our mine.. Even before we wanna say something through our tongue, Lord has already noe.. So, becareful wat is on your mind now.. Hehe.. Think 1st before you wanna say something bad, for The Lord has already noe wat u gonna say.. Today quite boring lar.. Nothing to do one. ZzZ... Remember guys, God had already made our day in the midnight.. So please DO NOT waste God's energy.. Wake up early and do your meditation on GOd's word.. Dun sleep till evening also havent wake up.. Hehe.. Please read proverb 20:13... See and you will know wat am i talking about.. So, yea.. Please pray for our Spm result, ppl that r going to NS, ppl that r going to outstation for their study, and more n more ppl get to know JESUS and receive HIM as their personal Saviour.. Tats all, and CIaoz..!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

lolx.. i bought new bible today le.. haha.. so good.. erm.. Is a teen study bible.. quite thick lar.. De price is Rm 61.60.. I dunno it is consider expensive o cheap wei.. But i nvr regret tat i buy it.. Hehe.. Well, today wuz quite tired wei.. Morning sunday service, evening Youth meeting.. Oh ya, we played a new game during Youth meeting.. I dunno wat is de name wei.. Neh, de dog like to play one ar.. Like a flying plate like tat.. Quite fun.. Hey, good news!! Tis coming april, our church youth group will be going to SJGC.. Come find us lar.. haha. De date not sure yet, but i noe is this april..haha.. Jason's baptism is on 29th of march.. Guys, please come wei.. hehe..

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Residential Bible School 2008

YO! I'm Khai Jye. No Need to introduce myself ba.. YOu all dy know wat is my character ba.. Well, first of all, i have to tell you all, before RBS2008.. Wow, you cannot see a smart, handsome, active, mature... Well, thanks to Uncle Sai Kee, which is Jason Chiew's dad that encouraged me to go to RBS.. Wow.. Guess what? I'd change alot in RBS.. Anger, become more mature, more cooperative, and also..... More HANDSOME and SMART lar.. HAha.. If u wannna be like this, come join RBS lar.. YOu will learn more on God's word, and you will grow rapidly in spiritual.. Haha.. Is tat amazing?! Oh.. Those pictures below is me and my team.. Team Macclay!!!! Will add more on de photos tat hv others RBS students...

This is my team.
TEam MAcclay.. Tada!
Ey? Less 2 ppl le..
How come?!