Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wat? I've been Tagged??? -.-... Okay lar.. Den i now reply to JOn's TAg...

The RulesLink to your tagger and post these rules.List eight (8) random facts about yourself (i list more than 8). Tag eight people at the end of this post and list their names.Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

Random Fact 1
I'm A Christian!!! Which I doesnt look like in de way i am.. But de fact is, I'm a Christian.. So Dun be suprise.. ^^..

Random Fact 2
I Love My Frenz alot.. Cant live without frenz.. Thanks for Gang Belakang, Form 6 Ppl, Lou Shui GANg, Tennis Team, Ping Pong team, RBS Bro N SIS, And those whom I've Forgotten(PAi Seh ar..) Thanks for giving me such a good time, thanks for De Memories..

Random Fact 3
I Like SportS... I can play any sports u all ask me to.. Except Football(which i sucks in tis sports).. Tennis, ping pong, swimming, cycling, climbing... And the list goes on... So give me a call, when u wanna play with me..

Random Fact 4
Form 6? Well, I not really like it actually.. Coz wat? Its Hard!!! But at least not now.. I heard all the seniors complained it is vry hard. Well, I'll do my best also lor.. C how far can i be.. Haha...

Random Fact 5
I doesnt Know how 2 play any instrument.. ANy!!! Not even guitar man.. C how sucks am i? But But But, if i am rich enuf, 1st instrument tat i will learn is Drums... Coz i like de beat of drum.. Dum Dum DUm...

Random Fact 6
I like money alot.. Well, tis is de fact.. Which i now trying to change it.. A money lover is quite pity actually.. Everyday work for money... BUt $$ can really do alot of great thing.. Like jon wanna buy de redang island.. I'm Not too greedy lar.. As long as i can eat alot of nice food, tats enuf for me.. Well, nice = Expensive.. So, I nid Money...

Random Fact 7
I love to eat.. But y cant i become fatter? I so like to eat, but y i'm Still so skinny?? Y? I still havent found the answer.. Well, any good foods, dun forget to treat me ar!!!

Random Fact 8
I like to eat ice-cream.. Especially BAskin Robbin.. Well, even though haagen dazz is more expensive, but i still prefer Baskin Robbin.. Coz Baskin Robbin's chocolate is sweeter than Haagen Dazz. If de chocolate is too bitter, i wont like it..

So yea, this is my Fact..
Now i tag Rong Jie, Jethro, Ben Yue, Nigel, James, Joanne Lee Sun SUn, Adrian, And SHaun!!!'

Good Luck Guys.. God Bless!!!