Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Damn i got my worst nightmare ever yesterday.. -.-..

Guess wat.. I saw Jason wuz smoking in my dream.. lolx.. Kinda scary for me actually.. I dun wan my fren got into 'smokers world' anymore since there's a one.. Well, I hope tis nightmare will nvr come true huh. Or else, i really dunno how 2 face him...

Or maybe juz because of de pressure of my exam.. I got this nightmare.. And one thing.. I got a BIG pimple on my face.. Though there still alot on my face.. But this big thingy juz pop out like tat.. Make itself so 'Shinny'.. Lolx.. Wow, form 6 really that hard wei.. Dun play play.. -.-..

And ta-da.. My exam is finish!!!! Wagaga... COngrats... I mean to myself.. Lolx.. Syok sendiri.. Huh.. So, if there is any function o party that need ppl to fill in de blank, dun mind msg me.. I will be vry boring this coming holiday.. Haha.. Dun wanna grow fungus... Ya, badminton, tennis, ping pong, DOTA, swimming( perhaps?).. Juz call me lar..

Okay okay.. My last wishes to all those who are working hard for their Finals, Stpm, Spm, bla bla bla.. Good Luck!! May God bless you!!! Yes, you...