Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rumusan Bab 9 SPE

In our daily life, we will be encountering lots of problems. What are the problems that we will be meeting with? Love? Puzzle? Dilemma? Yes these are the problems we will encounter in our daily life.

In chapter 9 of SPE, the writer has taught us what's the most important characteristic that one should have in order to solve a problem, First, a great motivation. For those who possess a strong motivation is able to solve the problem in life, and do not give up easily. For he will try to dissolve any uncertainties in life.
Secondly, a positive trait. An objective psychological trait and commitment is very important. For he has to be smart and act fast.
Thirdly, self-esteem plays an important role too! We have to know our strengths and weaknesses, then we have to have a great self-esteem.
Lastly, skill-building. we need skills to solve our problems in life.

So what are the problems that we will have? First, mysteries. Mystery is something that happen deviated from our normal stage. Then we have assignments. Which require our technical skills. After that, difficulties. In order to reach the top, there will be alot of obstacles and difficulties in life. Next, opportunities. Opportunities then will lead to fortune, great fortune. Other than that, we have puzzles to solve. which is the same as uncertainty. Then lastly, dilemma. Its a situation where you cant decide which one is the best solution.

What are the process or steps that we can take in, in order to solve our problems?
1st, Identify the problem.
2nd, Classify the problem.
3rd, Objective setting.
4th, Success measurement.
5th, Collection of data.
6th, Decision making.
7th Action.

How do solve our problem? In a scientific way?
Solving problems in a scientific way. 1st we must organize hypothesis, then collect information and lastly make a conclusion on what decision we should take.

Solving problem in a creative ways. A Greet hat indicates in the early process to look for ideas. Yellow hat represents a positive thinking and constructive thinking. White hat means an objective thinking, to find facts and information. Black hat, as for negative signs, look for weaknesses of ideas. Red hat, works as an emotive thinking. Taking care of personnel emotions. And lastly blue hat, which represent the head of all the others hat.

Solving problem by how you feel on the problems. The concept is origin from a University Harvard lecturer Peter Salovey at 1990, based on emotional intellegence. Emotional intellegence consist of 5 elements which is the ability to know self emotion, ability in emotional management, ability to improve motivation, ability to understand other's emotion, and the ability to form relationship.

And lastly, solving problem in Islamic way, which consists of 2 types of approaches which are well-known. 1st is "Pendekatan Hukum". this approach is a form of Islamic approach with the characteristic of rational and intellectual.

2nd is "Pendekatan Sufi", characterize as moral and spiritual.

This is the summary that i have learned from chapter 9, Problem solution "kaedah Penyelesaian Masalah"

Friday, August 19, 2011


HAha. Maybe i should not blog anymore. Lack of mood, and writing skills.. So yeah, if you ever see me blogging like what i'm doing now, its either i'm too free or i have gone crazy. Well at this moment i am WAY TOO BORING! What the heck wei, I cant travel without MONEY =(. Why so sad?

One more month till my Uni reopen, cant wait to meet with the friends! Thailand Langkawi Perlis!! Cant miss those places when they have so many nice foods right. haha.

Baaa. Off to go lah. Cant stay infront of the computer anymore. ciaoz.!

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Oh yeah! I'm Back in Action!

I think i should post something. How ah?

Hi! Its been a while since i last log in to my blog.. Good to see so many people still updating their blog.. some unexpected tho! =D.. Hhaha. So chill lah people..

Me, Khai jye. been doing great! Waiting for my scholarships to be approved by the papers.... Or maybe i'm lucky enough to get an offer letter from UM? Who knows right? Hhaha

So people, been missing me no? Hope u did.. Did lots of thing i never do before.. Like working at Ogawa? Seriously u gotta be kidding me.. but then, at last i last for one month. haha.. Go genting with my church members. Should starting hanging with my church members often dy.. =D

So yea, waiting an offer letter is like Urgh! Can u please faster ah? Yar that kinda feeling.. Boring..

Oh ya! Still available here! So, heheheheh.... But am currently in love larh.. In deepest thought, am i loving you or i just wan to have you? Kinda a selfish person i am now. Too bad lah. just me.. wish to change in anytime sooner..

Till next time! Ciaoz guys! =D

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2 down, 6 more to go~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Next month.. 18/11/09 - 9/12/09.. Judgement Month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What is friend? Can some one answer me?

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Happy Birthday Nick Jonas


Wish you have a great day, and keep it on with your career.. You're always my fav Jonas..
God Bless!! And also the diabetes. Nvm, you'll be cured with the healing hand from Him. ^^