Monday, March 22, 2010

Oh yeah! I'm Back in Action!

I think i should post something. How ah?

Hi! Its been a while since i last log in to my blog.. Good to see so many people still updating their blog.. some unexpected tho! =D.. Hhaha. So chill lah people..

Me, Khai jye. been doing great! Waiting for my scholarships to be approved by the papers.... Or maybe i'm lucky enough to get an offer letter from UM? Who knows right? Hhaha

So people, been missing me no? Hope u did.. Did lots of thing i never do before.. Like working at Ogawa? Seriously u gotta be kidding me.. but then, at last i last for one month. haha.. Go genting with my church members. Should starting hanging with my church members often dy.. =D

So yea, waiting an offer letter is like Urgh! Can u please faster ah? Yar that kinda feeling.. Boring..

Oh ya! Still available here! So, heheheheh.... But am currently in love larh.. In deepest thought, am i loving you or i just wan to have you? Kinda a selfish person i am now. Too bad lah. just me.. wish to change in anytime sooner..

Till next time! Ciaoz guys! =D