Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lord, Hear My Prayer.. Please Save Him!

Name: Venomancer

Age: 18

Occupation : Student of some Saloon

Here's a story of him.....

Since form 1 we knew each other.. And soon we become best friend... There is no changes but one day, he got a girlfriend.. So, i dun blame him on not being with us all de time... U noe, once got girlfriend dy, everything wuz nothing.. Story end.. XD..

But now he's having a big big problem after breaking up with his girlfriend.. He changed... Everything bout his life.. Last time he hate ppl smoking but now he himself is doing like tat.. Lord, u say we cannot damage ourself.. So, Lord, help him to overcome everything.. Help him to come out from tis 阴影 ba.. Not only smoking, He's addicted!! Everyday one pack.. Man, how can his lung tahan??? Not only tat.. He is hiding his emotion from us.. Lolx, we r his frenz, he can share with us one.. No scare..

Juz wanna tell him here.. Whenever he wanna share his problem, We are here for him!! Gang belakang RockS!!! Venom, we support u.. Change back to normal plz.. Forget bout all de bad memories.. Live a new life!!! Venom!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Exam!! Duh....

So yea, thanks for Jon suggestions bout de-stressing.. Haha..XD.. Will try to use it when i'm stress... Hehe..

Huh! Final coming soon.. And wat to do? I'm not even ready yet for any paper.. Urgh!!! Y form 6 so hard lar? Pa-2 papers... Econ- 2papers.. Acc-2papers.. Pp-2papers... Lolx.. Guess wat? This 8 papers nid 2 waste my 3weeks time to sit on them.. ZzZ... Cant de school shortten de days? -.-....
Lolx.. PLus in this 3 weeks, I will only sit for de papers for 7 days ny.. So y waste time on those useless thing?? Nvm, its good also lar.. We can study more!! Hehe..

Studying Form 6 is sucks man.. U c, form 6 life is... Urgh.. U noe it.. No activities, No proms(haiz.. cannot c leng lui dy lor...), Useless teacher, Useless classroom Bla bla bla.. And de lists go on.. XD.. WHr like college? Clubbing, water Polo-ing, proms... Wow.. How wonderful lar.. Though vry costly.. Haha..

Yea, back to de topic.. Erm, for those who will be taking Pmr, Spm, Stpm, and Final exam.. I wish u all good luck.. Lets us sama-sama work hard on it!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Damn You!!$%^%^&*()

Grrr! Please lar. Giv me a break!

I repeat, Next time when wanna out for yum cha, make sure u talk to me, and dun dumb me!! If not, dun call me out and ask me out! Not to a specific person, but to all of my frenz!

And i strongly remind here! I hate being dumbed.. Especially my best frenz dumb me!

You noe who am I talking bout here! So, u noe wat to do..