Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Going Wher?!

Lolx.. Not doing well... Jason went to his college dy.. Wat else? I'm alone here.. Dun leave me alone lar... T.T. Wat lar?! Matrix also nvr get chosen, ITS UNFAIR!!! Y only 10% of non bumiputera guys get chosen? I'm sure some 'B' ppl result bad also get chosen... Politik?! Argh!!! But dun scare.. Haha.. Coz we got our treasure in heaven above!! HAHA.. When the time salvation is here, they Know... ^^.. So, Bros and Sis, Dun be lazy to spread God's word to others.. Let them know de good news!! Ya, we all rock.. Haha.. And be alert.. Dun get into de trap of DEVIL...-.-.. So, take care!!!