Wednesday, July 9, 2008


My heart now is juz as the song call 'Stolen':

You Have Stolen My Heart
You Have Stolen My Heart

I dun even care others opinion! I didnt ask for theirs. And i know the opinion they giv is juz objection! I know i'm whole-heartedly for you..

I cant stop thinking of you, Your face, smile, laughther, Upset.. Everything about you am i thinking, desiring.. Well, wat can i do? I cannot say that i love you.. I dun even dare! And i know surely you will reject..

And so, i can juz quietly stay near you, and support you from de deep from my heart.. And keep my love to you as a secret and only, only, only my God above know my secret...

I love you alot.. I miss you...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


终于,在我们冷战的第二天,我学会了... 我冥想了许多东西,我真的能够放得下这段感情吗?对你的爱能够就此而结束吗?

答案是,不能.. 对不起,我真的无能为力,更没有这份勇气去放下这么美好的一段感情.. 虽然现在的我是多么的生气,多么的无奈!但当我再次收到你的信息时,我的气却因你而消了。