Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Boom! Things Happen.. Boom! Heart Broken. And Boom! Happy Ending..

Been stuck in a hard-breath condition this week..

Hard-breath till............................................ Beh tahan.. I even tell myself, Whatever it is, my thinking is so wrong.. Don't ever trust my six sense, for i've been guess the wrong thing before..

But the truth tells me, I had never predict wrong before.. MY six sense is so Damn accurate lor.. Not to say what happen at the 1st thing, but the 2nd thing also... Memang tak berani to say anything before the THING happens. Who knows when i say anything wrong, Someone will scold me again ar.. Hor someone...

Got a random feeling now.. Should I happy or sad? Happy for good things happen in my area... Sad for being ALONE(maybe) in my area lor. Scare 'diabaikan'.. Haiz. Kp white palace, you're my only place to go now... Hehe.~ JKJK, know you all wont abai me lar.. I'm not (UK+H-B) okay.. My face very thick one.. hehe.. Told you i'm gonna update blog and i sure update one..

No worry lar.. Nothing comes out from my mouth one.. Maybe from my hand lar.. MAYBe... Ngek ngek ngek~

Gambang Waterpark - 25/7/09

Went to Gambang Waterpark last Sunday right after my morning tuition... So after some preparation made, off we go to the waterpark... By my friends car lar.. Honda City wei.. No joke~

Reach there around 2+ in the afternoon, and WOW!!! Its a huge building there, more like a disney house lar.. Have you ever see disney house before? The roof is like very sharp one and pointing up to the sky.. Yar, that kind lar. Haiz, regretted never take picture of it.. Too bad.. And then we went in and find parking lah. The water park is just behind the building, when I saw the park, I was like''Huh?! So small one ar? Its smaller than i expected wo.. No mind lar.. Sudah datang pun, main saja lar.." So we found the parking slot, park there and head to the counter to buy our ticket lar of course... Its Rm19.90 per person..

Booked 2 lockers, booked 4 pelampung and straight we headed to the park and play lar... Not much to say lar, like normal waterpark, there's a water 'road' circling the water park. What the different about the road is, there's a cave along the road.. The name is Ice Age wo.... 1st round, 2nd round then we get bored dy, so we went to find something exciting.. Like Coco beach.. LOL, don't expect any coconut trees there, they don't have any.. (not funny)

The beach is just like what a beach is supposed to be in Sunway lar.. But then the waves there are stronger lor.. I like the waves.. Finish waving in the beach, then we again, went to hunt some MORE exciting games. And we found 4, way behind the park.. Its like a hidden place, not to let any kids find out.. GOod TrY... I think these 4 games are the most exciting one in the park lar. Actually there's 5 but then 1 is under contruction.. So too bad... Its all about sliding, sliding and sliding..... 3 holes, dark one, bright one and the other is open air one... Sliding with pelampung...

Not really fun of those 3 games lar.. The last one is what the workers called "Family".. Its a game, where the big pelampung can fit 5 of us inside.. Sliding from the top to the bottom.. Never that fun before..Really, during the ride, we're like screaming, pushing, jumping(not really). Trying to turn the pelampung up side down, but we didnt managed to.. Coz of little frighten inside our heart.. Or some physics law(crap lar.).. We played the game like 10 times, one of the reason is, the MOST exciting game was under contruction.. Another reason - never play before.. LOL.. The game which is under contruction one - Six man Slide(i think).. 6 persons slide at the same time, racing to the end.. The path is long.. When i say long, its LONG...

Been really crazy for 4 hours, then we pack our things and go back to Mentakab for some unreasonable reasons lar.. Took some pictures before we left..

There are some pictures cannot be posted of due to P&C..

Then went to eat dinner at Pizza Hut in Mentakab.. Speaking bout Pizza Hut in Mentakab branch, one word.. WTF!!!! Wow, i cant believe their attitude were so sucks... Seriously, why am I paying the service charge for? When i asked for cheese powder they say no more, asked for menu i waited like hell, asked for soup they served like SNAIL? Damn geram lor, when I see their serving attitude.. Its this the way u treated your customers? If is, you wait "zap lap" lar!! "Malaysia Boleh", type this slogan also i feel damn shy..

That night, i ended up on my bed, crying for pain.. Hand, leg, breast pain.. Haiz... Good Experience Though~ Hehe..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Noal Flood With Fossil

This is the article that i found through Google... Good article..

Are Fossils the Result of Noah's Flood?

Fossils have been frequently cited as the main evidence for evolution. The evolution/uniformitarian worldview postulates that the slow and gradual processes we see operating today are responsible not only for the death and extinction of plant and animal types but their burial in sediments which will eventually harden into sedimentary rocks. Uniformity’s slogan, “the present is the key to the past,” reflects their view of the origin of the features in the rock and fossil record. I think the great Flood of Noah’s day is a better explanation.

First note that very few fossils are forming today and then only in the case of rapid burial by water. For instance what happens to a fish when it dies? It either floats to the surface or sinks to the bottom where it decays and is eaten by scavengers. Yet many fish fossils are so exquisitely preserved that even the scales and organs are preserved. Obviously there was no time for decay and bacterial action. We can certainly say that something extraordinary happened to form the fossils.

Furthermore, most fossils occur in huge fossil graveyards where things from different habitats are mixed together in a watery grave. The predominant type of fossil is that of marine invertebrates but these are found on the continents within catastrophically deposited rock units.

Of the several different kinds of fossils, each one requires rapid burial and circumstances which are seldom, if ever, at work today. Processes of fossilization include:

Mineralization: This happens by partial or entire replacement of an organism by minerals, usually one molecule at a time as the organism decays. Time is involved but not time before burial. Petrification occurs when the replacing mineral is silica.

Carbonization: Living things consist of high carbon content, and under extraordinary circumstances only the carbon remains. This includes the thick coal bands as well as thin carbon residues left in the host rock. Rapid isolation and heating is required.

Impressions: These common fossils occur when the entire organism is replaced by the same material as the host rock leaving only the form of an organism. The detail preserved indicates no time for decay.

Ephemeral markings: These common markings include worm burrows, animal tracks, coprolites, and rain-drop impressions. All are extremely fragile and need rapid lithification to be preserved.

Hard parts: Bones and shells are found but these are usually broken. For instance, limbs ripped from dinosaurs, found in fossil graveyards, are the rule.

Soft parts: Obviously these will only last for a very short time without rapid burial. These include flesh, feathers, skin, scales, plant tissue, color, and even smell.

Frozen parts: These imply extremely low temperatures which trapped and froze the organisms quickly. Certainly this is not happening now on any scale.

These fossil types (and other subcategories could be mentioned) require extraordinary circumstances of a rapid and catastrophic nature. The great Flood of Noah’s day which destroyed a world full of life is the best explanation.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fossil With Bible

Didnt blog for so long dy.. Sorry to the readers (If i have).... Been into a lazy mode these few days, random mood actually.. Barely write anything on my blog...

Well, I attended some talks by Professor Yap (if i'm not mistaken) at my church these few days.. The professor came all the way from singapore wei... Dude, he drove.. And at his age, i think not many people will drive all the way from SINGAPORE to MENTAKAB.. Even if its' me... He's about 50-60 from his outlook i think.. I really don't know more about him.. Didnt really get to talk to him, except passed him the milo.. LOL!

Hmm, it is such a PRIVILEGE to listen to him.. Wow, i was like 'never' been so concentrating before. The topics is sososososo attracting.. On friday night, he talked about Fossil and geology.. Wasn't really like this topic at 1st, but then this topic did really caught my attention. As you know right, fossil is formed in maybe 124152346356436543 years... It is so not true! A fossil can be formed in maybe a day or even within the time that human digestion started... Professor did showed us the picture of a fish fossil while the fish was swallowing another fish, where the fossil is formed. A fossil can be formed when somethings is covered by soil and without any oxygen inside. How did the fish fossil formed when that fish is swallowing another fish in the ocean?? Thats the question.

Have you heard about Noah in the Bible? Where God asked him to build a boat to fetch all different kinds of animal inside the boat... After that, God made a HUGE flood.. Of course everyone in the boat was saved lar.. But then those that's not in the boat... Hehe... When the flood comes, the mountains started to collapse and i think this is the part where the fish fossil formed.. While the fish was swallowing another fish, the mud covered it within seconds..... And Ta-da, a fossil is formed! You see how powerful God is?

I didnt really elaborate on the topic.. will really dig deeper thru google.. Gonna blog 2nd topic soon.. wait for it~

Monday, July 6, 2009

This post is purposely written for someone named - YeO sOoN Kit~

Dude... Happy birthday wei.. Ello, its your birthday lar.. Still mapling? Jgn lar macam tu.. Go out lar.. Don't stay in the home and whole mapling... =.=''.. Red box, movie marathon, Blablabla.. Juz go lar...

Well, been knowing you since form 1 rite? Wow, 6 years man.. Time flies. Well, I wish you good luck in everything lah.. Get to know girls.. Maple cant really find a PRETTY, HOT, YOUNG GF one... Haha.. Good luck in your career... Good luck in your love, Good luck in your economics... Haha.. So sorry that i couldn't meet up with you.. You know, I HAVE TO STUDY... STPM... So, pai seh lar.. Next year I celebrate with you lar.. Next year.. Haha.

So, I wish you have a great day today lar.. And stop mapling, for one day.. Just one day...

And once again.......